History of Greeting cards

Sending Greeting Cards to your lovers, family & friends; is an old tradition that goes way back over 200 years !! This Owl Cards Blog aim to unwrap the brief milestones of the custom of exchanging greeting card tradition from ancient to current.

It is submitted that ancient Chinese started this tradition and then followed by Egyptians it got spread across the Europe and eventually it spread to the rest of the world. However the oldest greeting card of existence is a Valentine Card made during early 1400s; which is now preserved at British Museum in London.

Sending a greeting card was treated as a less popular method of exchanging wishes back in 1400 due to its expensive make, this is mainly because greeting cards were handmade and delivered by person thus it was an expensive method back in those days. However there has being a rapid growth of sending Christmas and Valentine cards in 1500s.

The records shows that fancy Valentine Cards were made using paper and decorative ribbons back in early 1800s and by mid 1800s the Greeting Cards were mainly made using machines. Since then the Greeting Card industry has being growing in to a large commercial market and we experience a various forms of Greeting Cards such as Handmade and printed greeting cards in all sizes, Singing Cards, e-greeting Cards, digital post cards and many more to be explored in the future.

However there is a debate among the general public that sending a e-card or a digital card may not convey the warmth of the wish as in you receive it by post or delivery to your hand. The touch of a lovely colourful greeting card and the excitement to opening it may not be the same when you get a digital card.

However it is good to know that printing a greeting card or buying a greeting card has being developed to a hassle free process today with the help of the modern technology. In specific Greeting cards sites like www.owlcards.lk and many other sites promote custom made designs where you can personalise your wish by adding photos, text and your own graphics which makes your wish an extra ordinary wish.

In summary when you look back to the history it is prominent that the purpose of sending a Greeting Card has not being changed as sending Valentine day cards, Christmas Cards are the most popular among the many other occasions like Birthday Cards, Anniversary Cards, Thank you Cards, Sympathy Cards, Morthers Day Cards, Fathers Day Cards ect….

Written By

Sumudu Daluwatte

The Founder of Owlcards.lk